OSDK 1.6

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OSDK 1.6

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I did not fix all the known issues, but since I released the source code of OricTech, I decided to release the current code of the OSDK 1.6, because it contains changes that are required to reassemble the demo.

You can get the latest OSDK as usual on the OSDK download page.

Regarding the fixed issues, these are done:

Issue #3: Reported by Chema the Sat 14th February 2015
The -o0 and -o1 options are doing the opposite of what the documentation claims they do
Issue #4: Reported by Chema the Thu 2nd April 2015
Need a way to remove the spamming of "writing size %d track %d sector..." messages when using Old2Mfm
Issue #5: Reported by Peacer the Sat 20th December 2014
Option to truncate long YM files - Ym2Mym
Details: Is it possible to make YM2MYM.EXE truncate the data and stop if music is too large?There are some long .YM musics, when converted to TAP file and loaded they reach the screen memory and even character definition.Maybe YM2MYM can produce .TAP file where data is not exceed after #A000.I know there's an option to define file size but this is just for 'not' using big sized files.