Keeping the 'old' machines alive ..

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Keeping the 'old' machines alive ..

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When I next get asked why I even bother with these 'ancient' computers any more, I will just print this out and insist that the interrogator read the thing:

The thing is, I truly believe that keeping an Oric-1/Atmos archive living, as a persistent kind of social activity, is worth the effort. The collection of software which persists, will continue to be useful - and inspire, perhaps, others - long into the future of the device itself.

I imagine an eco-system of Oric-1/Atmos (and of course the other 8-bit stuff) as soon as someone figures out how to put it all in a watch and give it a network connection. Now that Cumulus has sort of 'solved' the hardware storage dilemna of the Oric OS, we can work on .. perhaps .. a real-time Oric network? I see no reason not to work out how to do this, one of these days ..