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Forum's seach engine

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I'm not going to start by an intro on "how it is important and cool to be able to find back information in such forum that has years and years of useful information" (ok, just did it ;) )

Now I experienced a strange behavior: I was looking for the thread about the game O-Thrust.
So I just typed thrust in the search area up right.
Which gave a few results, but nothing prior to 2012, and no O-Thrust thread.
Yet, the O-Thrust thread exists: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=611
I found it back by using advanced search, and searching for messages by Nox (the author of the game).

Did I do something wrong or could there be some broken link in the search engine?

Also a bit strange, in the results the thread title is not visible above all messages, but this may be an old message format since each message seems correctly linked to the thread (see on the right, seems only the 1st post holds the title)
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This is a detail but maybe a hint for the missing results?