Oric High Score Challenge 2019

Want to talks about games you like, would like to see developed on the Oric, it's here.
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Oric High Score Challenge 2019

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As mentionned on the Oric.org forum, inspired by the Stardot forum's Acorn-BBC High Score Challenge, here is the :

Oric High Score Challenge 2019

Thanks to post the list of the 3 games you would like to see in the Oric High Score Challenge 2019 before Sunday 20 january (see below for more details). This list can be posted on the following forums :
-Defence Force
(no need to post on both forums, one is enough)

From your selection, 3 games will be randomly chosen (don't worry not by RND, Rand or Random functions) from your lists. These 3 games will be announced on the afore mentionned forums and will constitute the official list for the Oric High Score challenge 2019.
You will then have up to August 31 2019 to post a screenshot (if you use an emulator) or a photo of the screen (if you are a hardcore orician) on the Oric.org or Defence Force forums.

Your list must respect some criteria :
-the game must be available for download online (on Oric.org for example).
-each member gives only 3 games on his list
-if your game is already mentionned in another member's list please, if possible, try to find another candidate.
-try to propose 3 games compatible with this kind of challenge, avoid endless adventure games, choose a game with a scoring system which is not too long too play to avoid discouraging other players.

Thanks... ;)