Tape / WAV testers please

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Tape / WAV testers please

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Hi all,
I need your help for a few quick tests! :D
If your Atmos is out and ready to load (through the tape port) WAV files played by your computer!
Warning: ROM 1.1 required.

The goal is to have statistics on how Orics precisely read some tape signals, to try and make a fast load routine as reliable as possible.

How to operate :
1- Download and unzip the package attached to this post
2a- CLOAD the MD3456.WAV file on you Oric (ROM 1.1)
2b- run it - you should see a (mostly) empty table displayed
3- when the Oric locks and displays "Attente signal", play the file MD3456_test_sample_3.wav
After a very short time, you should see hexadecimal values appear. If nothing happens, then something is probably wrong with your WAV player - or your Oric.
4- Write down somewhere "3" followed by the higest and the lowest values that just appeared. For instance 3:[BE;AC]
5- repeat steps from 2b to 4, this time with MD3456_test_sample_4.wav, then MD3456_test_sample_5.wav, and MD3456_test_sample_6.wav, changing "3" by the new value of the tested sample (4, 5 or 6)
6- post your values here.
Once your computers are running, this should not take longer than a few minutes!

For instance, I made tests on 3 machines and got those results:

Code: Select all

Atmos Paris:    3:[BE;AC] 4:[A3;9A] 5:[91;7F] 6:[76;6D]
Atmos "Reset":  3:[BE;AC] 4:[A3;9A] 5:[91;7F] 6:[76;6D]
Atmos "MB":     3:[BE;AC] 4:[AC;9A] 5:[9A;7F] 6:[7F;64]
If you can provide a few values (or report loading failure!), that would be great :)
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