OSDK - Oric Memory map

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OSDK - Oric Memory map

Post by Twilighte » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:17 pm

The OSDK memory map for HIRES does not include the 40 bytes of spare memory between HIRES and the bottom 3 text lines nor does it show these last 3 lines or the spare memory unused from both character sets.

9800 - Spare 256 Bytes
9900 - Standard Charset
9C00 - Spare 256 Bytes
9D00 - Alternate Char set
A000 - HIRES
BF40 - Spare 40 bytes
BF68 - Bottom three text rows
BFE0 - Spare 32 Bytes

The Text mode memory map also omits to mention that B400-B4FF and B800-B8FF are also spare.

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