Oricutron 1.0 (EDIT: Now 1.2)

Comments, problems, suggestions about Oric emulators (Euphoric, Mess, Amoric, etc...) it's the right place to ask. And don't hesitate to give your tips and tricks that help using these emulations in the best possible way on your favorite operating system.
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Re: Oricutron 1.0 (EDIT: Now 1.2)

Post by iss » Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:59 pm

About the old bug: I think it's fixed, at least I don't have any error messages.
Attached is updated version of STORE/RECALL progs - now the generated MATRIZ.tap file is 145 bytes - exactly as in your post but there is difference in tap header '$05 $4D' vs. '$FF $FF'
Please, try with Oricutron built from last git sources.
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About The Quill: I can confirm - saving doesn't work in Oricutron for me too.
Euphoric (v.1020) works and attached are saved immediately after program load Database file and Adventure file.
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Re: Oricutron 1.0 (EDIT: Now 1.2)

Post by Chema » Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:24 pm

Thanks iss, so it is a bug in Oricutron that Euphoric does not suffer. Interesting. Probably it is due to how it saves data... Xeron surely knows.

Is there any chance that recent changes result in a new release so I can just download it and NOT recompile it?

As a lateral two cents I miss a quick way to "insert a blank tape".

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Re: Oricutron 1.0 (EDIT: Now 1.2)

Post by iss » Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:44 pm

Hello all,
Here: http://iss.sandacite.com/oricutron/
you can find fresh Oricutron builds for macOS, Windows and Linux.
This builds are unofficial and are intended mainly for developers.
I plan to keep them permanently updated to latest github sources.
Please, try them and let me know if something is not working.
All binaries are cross-compiled and tested on real target OS: macOS High Sierra, Windows 10, Linux Fedora 27.

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Re: Oricutron 1.0 (EDIT: Now 1.2)

Post by waskol » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:55 pm

I am afraid, it is not the only bug, but it seems related to the Oric rom itself.

It concerns the two other bytes, those located just to the right of those highlited by iss on his screenshot.
iss bytes represent the memory address of the array in the BASIC stack at the moment they were saved.

Those are not very important since when you do a "RECALL" from another program for example, the destination array will not be at the same address in oric memory.

The big concern is either the 2 following bytes, or the data themselves.
- According to "L'Oric à nu" (which is totally wrong on many points), this value must correspond th the ending address of the array.
- According, to other books, (Geof Phillips, Bertin), we should have the same.
The Oric saving routine is supposed to copy to the tape 9 specific memory location.
In fact, instead, those two bytes give the length of the data that follow instead.
But it is not exactly true, because it gives the length plus a delta (6, 8, ...) which is not always the same.

For many details about the tap format, see my joined pdf)

This among that :
- the slow/fast flag is never set by Oricutron (the 9th header byte).
- in "L'Oric à nu", bytes are show in the wrong order, as stated by Geof Phillips in his book, the header bytes are written to the tape in reverse order.
Oric tap file format.pdf
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